Below you will find CETV - Channel 21 station policies.  If you have any questions regarding our official policies, please feel free to contact us.

The function of CETV - Channel 21, as set by the Board of Education of Carroll County, is to produce broadcast programming to support and promote the Carroll County Public School System.


Before CETV - Channel 21 accepts any projects or programs, beyond the regular broadcast schedule, there must be approval from the Advisory Board.  All requests must first be submitted to Channel 21. 

The Advisory Board is made up of representatives reflecting a range of different administrative and curriculum areas of the public school system, as well as the schools and community.  The board is comprised of 6 members, with any deciding voting rights belonging to Channel 21.

The Advisory Board will meet once a year and most correspondence will be conducted by email.  Board Members are expected to make their judgements without bias, keeping in mind that they were chosen because they are considered experts in their content areas and have the school system's best interest in mind.

The members of the Advisory Board are anonymous to ensure that all decisions are unbiased.


The Superintendent's Office takes priority over all Channel 21 projects.  It is possible that a request may be delayed due to a request from the Superintendent's Office that takes precedence.


All projects submitted to Channel 21 must be done through a Video Production Request Form.  Once the form is completed, it can either be submitted by email, or sent via the U.S. mail.


Copies of programs are not automatically offered.  If a request is made, one complimentary copy will be sent to the school/group involved.  If the story is about one specific student/teacher/person, the one complimentary copy will be sent to that person only.  Any additional copies will be made at the cost of $5 per copy.  The charge of $5 is based solely on our cost of materials, printing and postage.

Requests made by the Superintendent's Office are not restricted by policy guidelines.


Two weeks notice is required for all transfers of media.  If a request comes in under that time period, an attempt will be made to accommodate the request, but is not guaranteed.  Transfers often involve many pieces of equipment and staff time to complete, which takes away from regular operating tasks.


Any submissions for broadcast must fall within the guidelines for Programs, Policies and Procedures of the Carroll County Public School System.  All submissions must be accompanied by written approval from an appropriate school system representative.  Only then will submissions be considered for the broadcast schedule.


All bulletin board announcements must be accepted and approved by the Office of Community and Media Relations.


We will not air any program featuring Board of Education members, other than the regularly scheduled meetings, during election years.