Winters Mill offers a number of clubs to support a wide range of student interests.  All students are strongly encouraged to participate in at least one club each school year.

Clubs and Organizations                                  Advisor(s)                                Email

Academic Challenge                                         Emily Hancock/Gail Faust            

Best Buddies                                                     Nicole Ritter                    

Book Club                                                         Gail Faust                       

Campus Life (FCA)                                           Eric Barnes                            

Computer Science                                            Tom Walker                     

Cultural Differences Unite                                 Christy Kennedy/John Lowe

Drama Club                                                       TBA

Environmental Awareness Club                        Denny Snyder                 

FBLA                                                                 Dalton Myers                   

Educators Raising                                            Jess Wynne                    

FFA                                                                   Emily Muller                    

Games & Electronic Entertainment Club          Gail Faust                       

Investment Club                                                Dalton Myers                   

Key Club                                                           Terri Stecher/Lisa Turni    

Mock Trial                                                         Kyle Patterson                 

Pickle Ball Club                                                 Lexy Reitz                       

Ski Club                                                            Krystalyn Tullis                

Yearbook Club                                                  Emily Hancock                


Clubs With Entrance Requirements

Class Government                                                              2022 - Ben Gochenaur             

                                                                                            2023 – Christina Eaves            

                                                                                            2024 – Emily Hancock              

                                                                                            2025 – TBA


Falcons of Strength                                                             Melisa Hannon/Katie Sentz     

National Art Honor Society                                                 Lindsay Reaver                          

National Honor Society                                                       Lexy Reitz                                   

Peer Facilitators                                                                  Jennie Kempf/Katie Sentz        

Student Government                                                          Greg Knill                                    

Tri-M Music Honor Society                                                 Dave Andrews