Nov 19
Message regarding School Athletics

 Dear South Carroll Community,

 Below is an announcement from Mr. Duffy Supervisor of Athletics for Carroll County Public Schools.

 Dear CCPS Families,

 At Wednesday night’s Board of Education meeting, I announced that we will cease all Return to play activities after Wednesday November 25, 2020.  This will include spring sports competitive activities, weight room usage, and any season’s two students per day that may have been taking place.  Additionally, based upon the Board's decision to move to a fully virtual format, all indoor activities will cease beginning tomorrow.  We will have a complete shutdown of all CCPS athletic activities after next Wednesday. 

I also announced we would delay the start of the winter tryout period from December 7, 2020 until December 14, 2020.  During the time from Thanksgiving until the first day of tryouts, we are asking everyone (coaches and students) to stay within their own bubbles.  It is our hope that the two-week period will function as a quarantine period before bringing students into the buildings for athletics. 

The rising number of cases in Carroll County as well as across the state and nation gives us great pause and there is still no guarantee we will be able to begin winter sports as planned, even on this new calendar.  We believe only through the willingness of everyone involved to quarantine during that two-week period lies our only chance of beginning winter sports in a timely manner.   

We are asking, in fact pleading, with everyone to be responsible during this time so that our students and coaches have an opportunity to participate in the interscholastic athletics program. 

If you have any particular questions, please let me know.



Michael Duffy, CMAA

Supervisor of Athletics

Carroll County Public Schools


A special note: South Carroll High School will end spring and Weight training pods after Tuesday November 24th, 2020. 

Nov 18
Return to Virtual Learning

At the November 18th Board of Education meeting , the board decided to move schools back to virtual learning in response to rising COVID – 19 cases.  The board also shared their hope to get students back into the school building for hybrid learning as soon as it is safe.  In order to keep consistency as we move from one learning environment to another, we will continue with the same virtual log-in times that we have been using and will use again when we return to the hybrid setting. Please see the schedule below. 



Class Time

Log in Time

Mod 1

7:40 - 8:50

7:40 am


Open Cav Time

9:00 - 9:20

9:00 am

Mod 2

9:25 - 10:50 

9:25 am

Mod 3

10:55 - 12:20

10:55 am


12:20 - 1:00


Mod 4

1:00 - 2:20



Students who attend the Career and Technology Center should look for information from the CCCTC administration. 

We also want to remind students and parents that many academic supports still remain in place while we are in virtual learning.  Students should remember to use CAV Time to get extra support from teachers.  South Carroll continues to offer tutoring support, which can be requested through this form.  Counselors are also available to help students with organization, academic, and social/emotional questions.  Students can email their counselor to make an appointment or request one using this form. Please remember that teachers, counselors, instructional assistants, and administrators are all available to support the academic achievement of our students. 

We hope that all of our Cavaliers stay healthy.  Be Well!

Nov 09
Early Dismissal Bell Schedule

November 11 & 25 and December 23 Early Dismissal Bell Schedule

Mod 1

7:30 - 8:20

Mod 2

8:30 - 9:20

Mod 3

9:30 - 10:20

Mod 4

10:30 - 11:30


  • Students should remember to take attendance in the Daily Attendance Google Classroom.

  • Students and staff should log-in to Google Meets at the class start time. 

Nov 06
Underclassmen Picture Day Make-ups

Underclass Picture Make Ups are on Monday, November 23, at South Carroll High School in the Auditorium.  Please use the link below to access the Sign Up Genius to schedule your Make Up pictures. 


Image of Lifetouch Picture Day is Coming Flyer with link to pdf.

Click here for order form.

Nov 06
AP Exam Registration

AP Exam Registration Deadlines  - Join Now!

To register for an AP exam for fall semester, all-year and exam-only sections:

There are no cancellation fees this year.  Register for exams now to avoid late fees.

Information about registering for Spring semester AP classes will be available in January.

Questions or problems?  Contact Mrs. Cook at or 410-751-3575

Nov 06
Hybrid Learning Information

A few important notes:

  • Cohort A students will attend school in person on Monday and Tuesday and remain virtual Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  
  • Cohort B students will be virtual on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and attend school in person on Thursday and Friday.  
  • All students will remain virtual on Wednesday. 
  • Please remember your student can only report to SCHS for in person learning on his/her assigned cohort days.


  • Students who are physically present at SCHS will not be required to record their attendance in the Google Attendance Classroom.
  • Students who are not physically present at SCHS and are attending virtually are still required to report their attendance in the Google Attendance Classroom.  Virtual students who do not mark themselves as present in the Google Attendance Classroom will be marked absent for the day.
  • On Wednesday, all students will report their attendance in the Google Attendance Classroom.
  • Parents will receive an email/phone call if their child is marked as absent.


  • Please DO NOT arrive at SC before 7:00 am. 
  • All students MUST enter the main building through the front lobby.  Bus riders enter on the left.  Car drivers enter on the right.  Students must wear a mask and observe social distancing.
  • Parent drop off in the morning is alongside the Fine Arts building.  Please make sure students are prepared to exit the car promptly to keep the line moving.  We do expect a significant increase in parent drop off. 
  • Upon arrival to SC, students should report directly to mod 1, with the exception of the very first day of each cohort (as they will report to advisory to pick up emergency cards and other materials). 
  • Student drivers will need a parking permit.  Student drivers are reminded that they should not “hang out” in the parking lot.  Once you arrive, please come into the building.  


  • Parent pick up in the afternoon will be in the stadium parking lot.  Please park in a space and text and wait for your child to come to you.  Please be patient over the first couple of days as students figure out new procedures. 
  • Bus riders—do not panic.  We will help you find your bus at dismissal!  We have also attached a bus map for you to look at before the first day. 
  • Student drivers should not “hang out” in the parking lot.   Once you are dismissed, please exit campus. 


  • Students are reminded to continually practice social distancing and good hand hygiene throughout the day, in addition to wearing masks. 
  • It is important if any student feels sick that they remain home.  Attendance staff or the nurse may inquire about the symptoms the student is presenting. Students who are presenting COVID-like symptoms will be asked to quarantine from school.  Others who are close contacts with a student with COVID like symptoms may also be asked to quarantine. 
  • When students attend school on their in-person day, their attendance will be taken by teachers.  Students who are learning virtually for the day should continue to take their attendance in their Daily Attendance Google Classroom. 
  • Students may decide to bring a personal or borrowed laptop to school for use in classes. Please remember the student is responsible for the device.
  • Please remind your student to continue to check their school email.  This is an important means of communication from teachers, counselors, and school administrators. Also remember to continue to work with your teachers, utilizing CAV Time and asynchronous time for additional academic support. 
  • Seats will be assigned during lunch by third mod class. While we know this is not ideal, this is an important safety protocol to allow for contact tracing. 

Please know that we have been working hard to create a safe environment for all.  We ask that you review these procedures with your children so they are aware of expectations. 

Let’s go, SC!  #scstrong

Please see the attached SCHS Bus Line Up for those taking the bus home.

SCHS PM Bus Line Up 

Hybrid Learning Slide Deck

Hybrid Protocols Video

South Carroll FAQ document:

CCPS Q & A on Hybrid Model

CCPS Hybrid Learning Bus Routes

SCH Bus Line-up

SCH Map of the building

South Carroll HS Google Site for 2020 - 2021


Nov 05
9th Grade/New Students-Sign up for a building tour.

Final call to register for a tour for incoming 9th grade/new students.  Please use the link below to sign up:

Nov 02
NHS Pumpkin Decorating Winners
Oct 30
Grading Information

SCHS: Grading dates and info:

Marking Period 1 and Report Cards 

11/11 – MP closes 

11/12 – MP2 begins (Students will change quarter classes, when applicable)

11/18 – Grades will be published in HAC 

11/20 – Reports Cards will be mailed home for all virtual students. Cohort “B” students will receive them in school

11/23 – Cohort “A” students will receive their Report Card in school

REMINDER: SCHS parent conferences are 11/12/20 4-7 virtually. Call the office for more information.

Keep working hard Cavaliers!

Oct 26
Ski Club Information

Attention Skier and Snowboarders:

Please see CLICK HERE for access to a Google Forms with information regarding the 2020 – 2021 SCHS Ski Club and Night Tracker Program at Ski Liberty.

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