Why continue Chorus in High School?

Not only will chorus improve your musical abilities, but it will provide you with many friendship opportunities and make your transition into high school MUCH easier. Also, in order to graduate, you need to fulfill one credit in the arts.  These classes are perfect to fill that requirement.

Chorus Classes Offered:

Chorus 1:  This class is for any incoming freshman.  The goal of this class is to improve your musical abilities and prepare you for higher level choir courses.

Honors Festival Chorus:  This class will further improve your skills and expose you to many more opportunities in the musical world.  You will learn more about music theory and work on pieces of a higher difficulty.

Honors Vocal Ensemble:  In order to be admitted to this course you must have first completed Chorus 1.  You will then need to sign up for an audition with the chorus teacher A high understanding of music pieces, music theory, and vocal skill is needed for this course.

This course includes:

  • Fall Glee Show
  • Winter Feast followed by the Winter Concert
  • Spring Barbecue followed by the Spring Concert
  • Performance opportunities with our Tri-M Honors Music Society
  • All county Festival
  • All-State Choir Auditions
  • Annual Choral Trips

Choir Director:  Sarah Larson, smlarso@carrollk12.org