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Our Mission

Every individual at CHS is committed to creating a safe, challenging, yet supportive, learning community. Unique partnerships, a technologically integrated learning environment, and high quality programs link learning to future careers. Students will emerge as dynamic, self-directed learners, responsible citizens, and active participants in a rapidly changing world.



We, the community of Century High School, understanding that every child can learn and has individual worth, believe:

Learning is an essential life process which must be self-directed and relevant to the students’ future.

Education is the shared responsibility of students, family, staff, and community.

Learning is multi-faceted; it encompasses physical, social, emotional, and intellectual learning and happens at different rates and in different ways.

The role of technology serves as a tool to enhance productivity and learning.

All students and staff are accountable for contributing to a positive learning environment.

Excellence is achievable and expected.

An environment of high expectations, creative problem solving and risk-taking promotes excellence.

Mutual respect, open communication, and a positive attitude foster a safe environment and a sense of belonging.

Respect, responsibility, and integrity are the foundation of good character.

Valuing diversity strengthens unity.

We are all role models for commitment, honor, and scholarship.


CHS 2020-2021 School Improvement Plan