General information
  The CHS media center is dedicated to serving the needs of the entire school community.  Through collaboration with classroom teachers, we provide an informational literacy program to enable our students develop the skills necessary to access, evaluate and use information for a variety of activities. The media center provides space for class instruction, collaborative projects and individual work.  We have a makerspace that students can use during flex mod and after school to create, problem-solve and extend classroom instruction. We have a variety of circuitry activities, geometric building blocks and supplies, art supplies and brain power puzzles. 

Sign In
 Students are required to sign into the media center upon their arrival during the school day and present a pass for entry so we can account for students in case of emergency and to maintain a record of how our center is being used. Students are also required to sign in before and after school.

Flex Mod
Students may sign up to use the media center during flex mod to work on computers, use the makerspace or study at the tables.  Students should sign up on the day they wish to come to the media center prior to the start of school.  Upon arriving for flex mod, students should check in on the flex sheet.

Media Center Circulation Policies

  • A maximum of 5 books at a time may be checked out by students. The media center reserves the right to limit the number of items borrowed on one topic if materials are needed by many students for projects.
  • General collection materials may be renewed two additional times after the initial due date if they do not have a hold. Reference books are non-circulating or designated for 1 day check-out periods.
  • There are some fees if materials are not returned in good condition by the due date. They are $.10 per day fine for each late standard book and $.25 per day for late reference books,  The maximum late fee is $10.00. A materials replacement fee will be assessed for lost or damaged items.

Computer Use
Students may use computers for their school and academic needs. They must follow the Acceptable Use policy whenever using school computers. We provide access to subscription databases as well as the Internet. There are twenty-six desktop computers and one black and white printer available for student use in the main reading room.

Technology Acceptable Use Policy
When logging into any CCPS, users agree to abide by the CCPS acceptable use policy. The Acceptable Use policy is outlined in the student handbook. The rules are summarized below:

School computers and internet access is to be used for school related work. This does not include playing games not related to the curriculum or using social network sites (e.g. Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.).

  • School technology will not be used to create or access materials which are offensive, obscene, or illegal. While the media center upholds the virtue of intellectual freedom, this is a school, common sense and the law dictate that materials potentially harmful to minors do not belong in public schools and libraries. For more information, read about the Internet Protection Act, passed in 2001.
  • Only authorized software is to be used on school computers. No unauthorized programs should be downloaded from the internet. Also, any data devices (e.g. cd's, dvd's, thumbdrives, external hard drive) must be scanned for viruses before accessing them with school computers. Virus scans are done in the media center.
  • No school technologies will be altered in any way. This includes, but is not limited to, changing monitor settings, switching keys on keyboards, and unplugging cables.   
  • Copyright guidelines will be followed for all electronic and print materials.
  • Students are expected to protect personal information when using the internet. This includes keeping their school password private. Any activity on a system will be attributed to the student logged on to it.
  • All students are expected to follow proper netiquette. Behave as you should when you deal with people in person. Use proper language, good manners, do not engage in personal attacks, and respect others' rights as you want yours respected. Remember there is a person on the receiving end of your keyboard. Cyber-bullying will not be tolerated.
  • Any files stored on the network server, school computers, and CCPS Office 365 are NOT private. They may be viewed by administrators or teachers at any time. Backing up files is the students' responsibility.