Carroll County Public Schools is committed to the belief that interscholastic activities are basic to sound educational principles of secondary education. Activities are a social force which teach values/achievement by providing a mechanism for student physical, psychological and emotional growth, which may not be found in similar form and circumstances in the classroom curriculum and are at once concurrent and concomitant with, and entirely supportive of student intellectual/cognitive development achieved in the education environment.

Participation in activities offers or reinforces responsible social processes. Additionally, behind the school environment, activities provide an essential means for students to contribute to the immediate and broader welfare of the community to which they belong and from which they derive benefits. Educational experiences gained through activities programs are opportunities to learn, promote and reinforce the elements that influence students to become productive citizens in a democratic society. Productive citizenship may be demonstrated through accepting responsibility self-worth, sportsmanship, integrity, fairness, optimism, self-sacrifice-- placing the welfare of others ahead of self acceptance of others regardless of abilities or background dignity, self-respect/discipline and thinking independently while having a commitment to group or collective goals which go beyond winning.

... Adapted from the National Federation of State High School Associations


For more information, contact Michael Duffy, Supervisor of Athletics.
 410-751-3059 or e-mail


Please read all forms in their entirety.
20-21 ​Required Paperwork 20-21 Informational Packet 
20-21 Required Paperwork for Athletes
 Who Have Played a Season in Current School Year
21-22 Physical Examination Form
(All pages are required and must be uploaded to Family ID or handed to your school’s Athletic Director)
COVID-19 Acknowledgement Statement
Participation Physical Examination Form 
(if requested by physician)
Concussion Forms
Sports Concussion Testing Program and Release of Information
CCPS Student Athlete Probable Head Injury Procedure
Medical Clearance for Gradual Return to Sports Participation Following Concussion

 Please click here for Health and Safety information regarding Concussions and Heat & Hydration.

2020-2021 Spectator Guidelines

General Sports Guidelines.pdf
Cross Country Fan Focus.pdf
Field Hockey Fan Focus.pdf
Football Fan Focus.pdf
Golf Fan Focus.pdf
Soccer Fan Focus.pdf
Volleyball Fan Focus.pdf

CCPS Lightning Procedures


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