Frequently Asked Questions about Service Learning


  • work for non-profit agencies such as Human Services Program, senior citizen centers, Shepherd's Staff, soup kitchens, the ARC, Salvation Army etc.

  • become involved in service through extra/co-curricular clubs such as Builder's Club, Key Club, VICA, Shout, etc.

  • get involved in community based organizations such as 4-H, Scouting, and recreation programs.

  • explore a career through service-learning such as nursing, teaching, social work, physical therapy, government services, child care, police and fire services, etc.  

    Maryland State Department of Education's Acceptable Projects: please click here


  • work for a for-profit business such as a fast food restaurant or retail store to earn your service hours.

  • count hours for family obligations such as babysitting a brother or sister, or favors for neighbors such as cutting the grass, shoveling snow or walking the dog.

  • get paid for your service   submit hours for service in preparation for or during a religious service. (mission trips, church work days, church dinners etc. are acceptable)

    Maryland State Department of Education's Unacceptable Projects: please click here