Carroll County Advisory Council on Career and Technology Education

The Carroll County Advisory Council on Career and Technology Education participates in the development of annual program plans and accountability reports and provides local educational agencies and post-secondary education institutions with advice on current job needs and on the relevancy of curriculum being offered in meeting such needs. This Council participates in interview projects, serves on program advisory committees, reviews student senior projects and portfolios, and reviews the Local Plan for Program Improvement (Career and Technology Education Perkins grant).

Carroll County Teacher Advisory Council

The Carroll County Teacher Advisory Council makes recommendations to county teachers and administrators regarding effective strategies that provide for student achievement. The Council also provides advice and recommendations to the Board and Superintendent regarding issues related to instruction and learning, as requested or as initiated by the Council. Please click here for additional information.

Carroll County Special Education Citizen's Advisory Commitee

The Carroll County Special Education Citizen's Advisory Committee is a committee established by Carroll County Public Schools to seek meaningful input from parents, community partners, service providers, educators, and administrators on local issues about the achievement of students with disabilities.  This collaboration enables the director of special education to make positive changes in the delivery of special education services.  If you have concerns and desire to bring about positive change please consider becoming an active member in this constructive process. Please click here for additional information.

Community Advisory Council

The Community Advisory Council serves as a forum for public concerns, advice, and communication to and from the Board of Education. In addition to providing information to the Board, the Community Advisory Council may be called upon by the Superintendent and/or Board of Education to make recommendations on matters related to the education of students in Carroll County Public Schools. Please click here for additional information.

Curriculum Council

The Curriculum Council reviews and recommends instructional materials proposed for adoption and provides input and response to the Superintendent regarding issues facing Carroll County in its challenge to bring about continuous school improvement. Members develop a working knowledge of curriculum goals, trends, and issues and network with supervisors to communicate local concerns and issues regarding curriculum and school improvement. Please click here for additional information.

Security Advisory Council

The Carroll County Public Schools Security Advisory Council (SAC) was created to generate input on school security related matters from the various stakeholders. The Council is comprised of school directors, principals, representatives from all employee groups, and parents, as well as members from the law enforcement and emergency management community. The primary responsibility of the SAC is to provide input and recommendations to the Supervisor of School Security to improve and enhance security procedures, training, and equipment for the school system.