Frequently Asked Questions

Ø    What is the Employee Access Center (EAC)?

The EAC provides employees with a convenient website so they can easily access their own employee information - anytime or anywhere. Employees are able to view current and past paychecks, demographic information, salary, benefits, leave balances, attendance history, tax information, and W2s.  
For additional information regarding the EAC:   
Ø    I lost my W-2. How do I receive a replacement W-2?
Simply log onto the Employee Access Center (see link above) and click on the Employee Task (located on the left-hand side of the EAC) named "Print W2".  W2s for several years are located here. 
For additional information regarding your W-2: 
Ø    Are the leave balances in Absence Management currently up-to-date?

Yes, they are up-to-date.  To view your leave balances in Absence Management click on the "Account" tab and then the "Absence Reason Balance" tab.  This will show your up-to-date balances for each leave type and any pending/future time requested.
Ø    I wasn't out sick . . . so why was my sick leave balance reduced by 7 hours?
Are you a member of the Employee Sick Leave Bank?  If so, this reduction will reflect your annual contribution.  For continuing 10 & 11 month members, the annual contribution is taken the first pay in October.  For continuing 12 month members, the annual contribution is taken the first pay in July.
Ø    I lost my paycheck, what do I do?
Please contact the Payroll Dept. at 410-751-3051 immediately so a stop payment request can be processed. Payroll will then reissue another check after 5 business days. If a replacement check is issued by Payroll and the lost check is found, the employee should bring the “lost” check to the Payroll Department.
Ø    What does it mean to claim exemption from withholdings on the Federal form W-4 and Maryland form MW-507?
By  choosing “Exempt” on the W-4 or MW-507 means that you (1) did not have to pay any taxes last year (ALL withholdings were refunded), and (2) you do not expect any tax liability for this year. This is different from simply getting a refund of some withholdings last year—getting a refund of withholdings made in excess of your tax liability does not make you exempt from taxes. If you claim exempt on either the W-4 or MW-507, no taxes will be withheld and you will be liable for any penalties assessed for underpayment of tax withholdings. These forms must be completed at the beginning of each year you claim to be exempt, they do not carry forward from year to year. Contact the IRS or the State Comptrollers Office for further details regarding this issue.  
Ø    What is “Miscellaneous Leave” and why do I have a negative balance?
Miscellaneous leave is not actual leave, it denotes hours away from one’s usual duties—this includes items such as professional development, bereavement, and jury duty; no leave balances are reduced by the negative balance shown.