Professional Development Guidelines (Gen.46.1)
All Professional Development and Travel are covered by the Professional Development Guidelines (see link below).  In addition, is the Globetrotter Contact Information (see link below) .  

Inservice Forms and Policies
The Inservice Permission Forms and Polices are used by all staff when in travel status for professional development, for one day with a registration fee, as well as, overnight.  Prior approvals must be obtained according to the Professional Development Travel Guidelines. It is required for non-duty days, including weekends. Estimate all expenses as accurately as possible. Attach your registration form and/or agenda to the permission form. Per diem food costs are paid in advance via a check request (no receipts for meals required). Upon return, obtain receipts and forward to Finance with request for reimbursement, no later than 30 days after the activity. The same policy applies when using the procurement card. Should you have any questions, please contact Ann Mertens.  

A&S Professional Development Fund 
The A&S Professional Development Permission Forms and Polices are available here or may be obtained from Shannon Zepp, Francis Scott Key High School.  The A&S Professional Development Guidelines provide details on how the funds are used and the limits for same. 
ATSP Professional Development Fund 
The ATSP Professional Development Permission Form is available here or may be obtained from Human Resources.  The ATSP Professional Development Fund is approved by Ernesto Diaz. 
Mileage Reimbursement  
Presently each bargaining group requires payment of business related mileage. The rates fluctuate according to the annual IRS mileage rate. Traveling teachers (defined as teachers that regularly travel between two or more sites) do not use the standard mileage form, but should contact Ann Mertens for instructions and the appropriate forms. Please note that mileage forms should be submitted on a monthly basis for reimbursement. Mileage associated with in-service or professional development should note each instance for coding purposes.  Please use the mileage form that corresponds to the date of mileage use.