Judy Klinger, Supervisor of School Counseling, and Kelly Snyder, a Pupil Personnel Worker, received the Message of Hope award from Carroll County State’s Attorney Brian DeLeonardo at the 6th Annual Drug Overdose and Prevention Vigil held on May 13, 2021.

Judy Klinger has acted as the Carroll County Public Schools contact for local and state law enforcement agencies to report criminal incidences within the community in which students were involved in some way. The Handle with Care Program was implemented across the state in 2018 to increase trauma-informed approaches and address adverse childhood experiences in an effort to prevent future victimization or criminality. When an incident is reported, Klinger is in immediate contact with school administrators and counselors to make them aware that a student has been exposed to trauma and/or violence. With this information, the school counselor ensures that the student receives appropriate interventions to ultimately help them to achieve academic success.   

Klinger has been instrumental in the development of the Handle with Care program in Carroll County. She has developed strong partnerships with local and state police which in turn, connect families, schools, and communities to mental health services.

Kelly Snyder, in collaboration with the Office of the State’s Attorney, Youth Service Bureau and the Douglas E. Metz Foundation, planned and provided a 3-day summer camp for students who have been impacted by addiction-related trauma and loss. She and her colleagues recognize how the opioid crisis is affecting CCPS children. Camp Thrive is in its third year and provides a supportive environment where students can build skills in coping and stress management, as well as share with others who have experienced similar challenges.

Snyder has been an integral part of the creation and success of Camp Thrive. She works tirelessly throughout the school year to provide this 3-day camp experience. Students, as well as adult counselors, have built lasting relationships at camp, all while having fun!


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