Lucinda Diehl, a junior at Winters Mill High School, is among the 2021 cohort of participants for the World Trade Center Institute’s (WTCI) Youth Diplomats Program.

The WTCI Youth Diplomats Program helps 30 high school juniors and seniors take their first steps towards becoming global citizens. One Saturday a month they meet to explore topics in global affairs and diplomacy. Along the way they build their leadership and cross-cultural communication skills through interactions with professionals across WTCI’s extensive business network and international visitors from across the world. Through a series of workshops, volunteer opportunities, and professional meetings, they will become better prepared for the challenges and opportunities in the global marketplace.

The program, which began in April and ends in July, includes workshops and other educational opportunities designed for students who are curious about the world, open to diverse perspectives, and committed to making an impact both locally and globally. The program also incorporates components such as creative projects, opportunities for academic reflection, and a virtual dinner with international families.

Bobbi Hollingsworth, the career coordinator at Winters Mill High School, said, “The Youth Diplomats program brings awareness and a call to action to a generation that is ready to make a positive difference in the world. These students have the opportunity to learn from informative guest speakers, network with other like-minded individuals, and continue on their mission to make a difference in their futures.”

The students will also earn 25 service-learning hours, gain cultural competency, and further a connection to the network of Youth Diplomats from around the country, as well as advance their abilities to demonstrate knowledge of global affairs to colleges and employers. Upon completion of the program, the cohort will be recognized as Albrecht Fellows.

About WTCI

The World Trade Center Institute (WTCI) empowers globally minded leaders with new ideas and valuable connections. The largest international business networking organization in the Mid-Atlantic with more than 2,500 companies in the public and private sector, WTCI offers members development programs, professional exchanges and marquee events where ideas are expanded, and collaboration is created. Partnerships with state and local governments, 300+ World Trade Centers, the U.S. Department of State, World Bank and more provide members unparalleled access to push and empower each other to succeed and connect in ways they never would have or could have imagined. For more information on the WTCI, visit




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